Iowa could see cold and snow through the weekend

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa's weather will feel a little more like winter to end the week.

"High temperatures won't be too bitter--they'll be in the teens and 20's. They low temperatures are probably going to open most people's eyes--we'll down in the single digits for a good chunk of the state" says National Weather Service Meteorologist Allan Curtis.

He says says the cool-down's going to be a big switch from the weather we've seen through the middle of this week.

"Forties and even some low 50's for some places, and then just a couple of days later to be down in the single-digits with windchills at zero or below" Curtis says.

He says there will be some snow along with the cold.

"In Northern Iowa Saturday morning, and certainly through the afternoon and overnight hours light to moderate snowfall--we're probably looking at at least a couple of inches. After that, we do look to have another push for Central and Southern Iowa Sunday, which could be another couple of inches" Curtis says.

The National Weather Service's current model shows the most snow falling north of Highway 20.

Image from National Weather Service--Johnston, Iowa

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