Iowa Legislature Moving on Gov Reynolds School Plan

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa legislature is working on Governor Kim Reynolds plan for school classes.

The state Senate's introduced a bill that would require schools to offer an option for 100 percent in-person learning.

Reynolds and other Republicans have vowed to respond to districts that have defied state guidelines to conduct online only classes during the pandemic.

The bill would still let schools request a waiver if COVID-19 cases spike in a district.

If it becomes law, the bill (Senate Study Bill 1064) would go into effect within two weeks.

Meanwhile, Governor Reynolds has introduced a separate bill to the legislature.

The Gazette reports the 65-page proposal would offer state funding for public schools students who want to attend a private school. It would apply to students in underperforming schools that receive federal money because of a failure to reach achievement benchmarks.

The bill would also create a charter school program and let students transfer out of districts that currently don't allow transfers.

Reynolds first outlined her plan for school choice in her Condition of the State speech this month.

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