Miller-Meeks Asks for Hart's Election Complaint be Dismissed in U.S. House

WASHINGTON, DC - Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks is asking the U.S. House to dismiss a complaint by her Democratic opponent in November's election.

Rita Hart challenged her six-vote loss in Congress, claiming 22 legally cast ballots were not counted.

Miller-Meeks says Hart should have taken the issue to Iowa courts before going to Congress, and wants the complaint thrown out.

The House swore-in Miller-Meeks earlier this month on a provisional basis until there's an outcome in Hart's challenge.

The race in Iowa's 2nd District was, by far, the tightest federal contest in November's election.

Miller-Meeks attorney claims that the House going back a century “require contestants to avail themselves of every single remedy before they go to Congress.”

The House Administration Committee will decide the next steps to be taken.

Hart declined to challenge the result under Iowa law, saying it did not allow enough time to conduct a recount of the votes.

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