Iowa COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Improving

IOWA - Iowa's COVID-19 vaccination rate continues to improve.

As of Monday morning, 53 percent of the doses sent to the state had been given to people.

The number of doses sent to the state tracks consistently with its rank in population - 31st.

Iowa has vaccinated six percent of its residents, which ranks in the middle of the pack nationally. The number is an increase from five percent last week.

The data is from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, which can differ from what the state reports.

The state will expand the groups of people eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines on February 1st to includes those 65 and older, as well as additional frontline and essential workers.

Currently, only medical workers and long-term care centers can receive the vaccine.

Vaccines nationally are lagging, and only over the weekend surpassed the original promise of 20 million vaccinations by the end of last year.

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