Abortion Constitutional Amendment Quickly Passes Iowa House, On to Senate

DES MOINES, Iowa - An abortion bill is quickly moving through the Iowa legislature.

The House has passed the bill Wednesday, which would add a constitutional amendment saying there’s no right to abortions or for public funding of them.

The Republican backed bill now heads to the Senate in just the second week of this year's legislative session.

The bill is meant to reverse a 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision which backed up the constitutional right to abortion.

The measure passed the House 55-44, with three Republicans joining the entire Democratic minority in opposition.

Republicans have claimed the Iowa Supreme Court overstepped its bounds in its 2018 and have sought to overturn it since then.

The abortion measure passed the state Senate last year but failed in the House. It needs to pass both the House and Senate in the current, two-year general assembly as well as the next one that starts in 2023 before it can go to a public vote.

All constitutional amendments that start in the legislature must get public approval before becoming law.

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