Prosecutors in Tibbetts Murder Case Say Defense Hid Subpoena

IOWA - A hearing in the Mollie Tibbetts murder case is scheduled for today.

Prosecutors are accusing the defense of trying to hide a subpoena to get Tibbetts’ banking records.

They say the defense didn't inform them or the court of the subpoena, which was only discovered after it was delivered to a bank in Des Moines.

Prosecutors say the defense is on a "fishing expedition" for evidence, and are asking the court to toss out the subpoena and order the defense to stop issuing subpoenas without court approval

The prosecution also claims the subpoena is also likely illegal.

According to their motion, Iowa law prevents a defendant from obtaining “routine” pretrial access to records of nonparties and anyone who is not a witness unless ordered by the court.

Tibbetts is incapable of being a witness because she is dead.

Twenty-six tear-old Cristhian Rivera is accused of fatally stabbing 20-yearold Mollie Tibbetts, who went missing July 18, 2018, while jogging in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. Her body was found Aug. 21, 2018, in a cornfield where Rivera led police.

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