Is the honeymoon already over as ' #BidenLied ' is trending?

President Biden Signs Executive Orders

Well that didn't take long! #BidenLied has been trending on social media as both liberals and conservatives appear to have come to a conclusion that the President is economical with the truth.

Liberals appear upset with the size of the stimulus checks headed out which they insist that the President had promised would be $2,000.

This is what promoted the #BidenLied hashtag as users became upset after the Democratic Party tweeted out that $1,400 would be on the way.

Conservatives meanwhile are left scratching their heads as the promised push for unity has disappeared under a deluge of Executive Orders.

As I have repeatedly said, be careful what you applaud just because your team is doing it. One day the other team might have the power.

What do you think? Is the honeymoon over?

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