Death penalty on the agenda again in Iowa! Would you support its return?

The death penalty is once again on the Iowa Legislature's agenda - this time in a very limited form.

Senate Study Bill 1004 has already advanced out of sub committee and is waiting to be introduced before the full Senate Judiciary committee.

If it makes it out of there, it will be up to leadership if and when it gets debated before the full Iowa Senate.

“It’s a very limited bill. It only applies where someone has kidnapped, raped and murdered a minor,” the sub committee chairman, Julian Garrett said. “There are numerous safeguards in the bill.”

“I am an advocate of the death penalty in appropriate situations, and I believe this would be a very appropriate situation,” added Sen. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig who joined Garrett in voting to advance the Bill out of sub committee.

How about you? Would you support it?

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