Former Iowa Governor Vilsack Closer to 2nd Run as U.S. Agriculture Sec.

Washington, DC - Former Iowa Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack is another step closer to becoming U.S. Agriculture Secretary for the second time.

The Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously passed Vilsack's nomination by President Joe Biden on a voice vote Tuesday.

He’s expected to get quick confirmation from the full Senate in the coming days.

Vilsack previously served eight years as Agriculture Secretary under President Obama.

He was introduced in the committee hearing by Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who said he “can’t think of a single quarrel that I’ve had with Secretary Vilsack.”

Vilsack was briefly challenged by Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst, who asked about his support for the biofuel industry as the Biden administration wants to speed up a move to all electric vehicles.

Vilsack said there's an opportunity to do both, noting that the country will need biofuels for the foreseeable future.

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