Iowa DOT surveying drivers about hitting deer

(Ames, IA) -- The Iowa Department of Transportation is conducting a survey of drivers, to try and get a better idea of how many vehicle-vs-deer collisions there really are in the state. The DOT's Willy Sorenson says they know each there are thousands of reported collisions, but they also know many go reported for a variety of reasons.

Sorenson says results of the survey could determine where crews install safety measures, including 8-foot high deer fencing. He says over the next two decades, older fencing will likely be replaced as part of road reconstruction efforts. He says the decision to install deer fencing is important from a safety standpoint, but also a cost standpoint. He says deer fencing costs about $300,000 per mile.

Sorenson says so far, about one thousand people have taken the survey, which ends Sunday, February 7th.

The survey is anonymous. Survey results are being analyzed at Iowa State University, results are expected this summer.

(Photo and graphic from the Iowa DOT)

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