Iowa Voter Registration, Republican Share Up Since U.S. Capitol Riots

IOWA - The U.S. Capitol riots January 6th are not hurting voter enthusiasm in Iowa.

Voter registration is actually up since last month's demonstrations.

The Iowa Secretary of State's office reports an overall increase of 2 percent, with Republicans increasing their share of active voters (from 32 percent to 34 percent).

Numbers from this month also show the GOP continues to be the largest group of Iowa voters.

Republicans now hold five out of six seats on Capitol Hill, after having won back two congressional seats and holding a senate seat in November's election.

Republicans also continue to enjoy a strong majority in the Iowa House (59-41) and Senate (32-18), and hold all but three statewide elected seats.

Next year's November election will determine the state congressional makeup as well as the governor's office and the state legislature.

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