Some Iowa Cities Strictly Enforcing Federal Mask Order on Transit

IOWA - Some Iowa cities are strictly enforcing President Joe Biden's mask order for mass transit.

A statement from Iowa City notes face masks are now required while traveling on any public transit vehicle.

The city is further requiring masks at all transit stops, and while getting on or off a bus.

Iowa City has had a mask order in place since last July, although the state has said cities have no power to enforce them.

The statement from Iowa City says passengers not properly wearing masks in compliance with Federal law may lose the privilege to ride Iowa City Transit.

President Biden's order applies to any form of public transportation, including, boats, subways, taxis and ride-shares.

The order went into effect Tuesday. It was signed by the President in late January, after his initial order requiring masks to be worn on all federal property.

The order is outlined in a release from the CDC.

(Image from Iowa City Facebook page)

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