Iowa Ranks Near Bottom in Delivering Vaccines to Residents


IOWA - Iowa ranks near the bottom in getting its residents vaccinated for COVID-19.

Numbers from the CDC show only five states have vaccinated a lower percentage of their populations.

All of Iowa's neighboring states, except for Missouri have a higher vaccination rate.

Missouri along with Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Idaho rank as the bottom five.

Iowa has delivered vaccines to about eight-and-a-half percent of its residents. By comparison, West Virginia has the highest vaccination rate at nearly 15 percent.

Meanwhile, CDC data shows the number of vaccines delivered to the state is roughly in line with its rank in population.

Iowa ranks 30th in population, and is 33rd in the number of vaccines it has received from the federal government.

Generally, all states have complained the delivery of vaccines is not keeping up with the number of people eligible to receive them. As a result, vaccine providers have been giving doses on an appointment basis, or holding targeted vaccine clinics.

Governor Kim Reynolds will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. Thursday, where delivery of vaccines will likely be a central topic.

Reynolds has stated that Iowa ranks 15th in delivering doses to people and 46th in vaccines received, numbers that don't match CDC data as of Thursday morning.

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