Light Snow, Sub-Zero Overnight Lows This Week

The National Weather Service

QUAD CITIES, Iowa -- A light dusting of snow will fall over the Quad Cities today.

The National Weather Service says a few local snowfall reports this morning show about four-tenths of an inch near the Davenport Airport, one-point-four inches near the Moline-Quad Cities Airport, and just one-tenth of an inch at the Dubuque Airport.

Another round of snow will hit the Quad Cities this afternoon with one to two inches expected on the Illinois-side, and just a dusting or trace amounts expected on the Iowa-side.

Cold air will continue circulating around the state making overnight lows feel like the negative-20s and negative-30s.

The National Weather Service says wind chill temperatures Sunday morning were as low as negative-36 in Cedar Rapids, negative-40 in Clinton, and negative-32 in Davenport.

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