IDPH Plans on Microsoft to Ease COVID Appointment Scheduling Issues

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It could soon be made easier to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment online.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says it plans to give an emergency contract to Microsoft to design a new vaccine appointment scheduling website.

A notice of intent to award Microsoft the contract for the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System is posted online, but the agreement hasn't yet been made official.

The department says the intent to award the project is subject to a written contract between Microsoft and the state.

Iowans are expressing frustration as more people become eligible for the shots, but can't get appointments to be vaccinated.

The federal government announced it would be sending more COVID vaccines to states through a retail pharmacy partnership this week.

COVID-19 vaccinations are being sent directly to Iowa pharmacies from the CDC in an effort to speed up delivery of doses.

CEO of the Iowa Pharmacy Association Kate Gainor says making a vaccine appointment is crucial for the state's supply and demand issue.

"There is a need to schedule appointments in many cases, especially at pharmacies." She says that's because pharmacies, "need to have the right number of doses for the right number of eligible Iowans on any given day."

Gainor was interviewed by Jeff Angelo on Newsradio 1040 WHO.

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