Contract Talks for Workers at Iowa's Largest Hospital Now in Closed Door

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Contract talks between University of Iowa Health Care and its union workers continue Wednesday.

It'll be the third bargaining session between the two parties, and the first behind closed doors.

The union says the hospital has fallen short in negotiating differences so far.

It wants a pay increase for nurses and staff, claiming they make less than workers at similar hospitals. The union also says turnover at the hospital doubled in 2020 during the pandemic.

The medical center has been a major player in research and testing for vaccines now being used across the country.

Contract negotiations were expected to last for several weeks between the union (SEIU) and the Iowa Regents, which oversees the hospital. Negotiations began on January 13th.

The union represents 4,000 nurses and staff members at University of Iowa Health Care in Iowa City, which is the state's largest medical center and is recognized as a research hospital.

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