Iowa High School Sports Tournaments to Have COVID-19 Restrictions

IOWA - Iowa high school sports tournaments will still have COVID-19 requirements this spring, despite Governor Kim Reynolds' order to lift all restrictions.

The groups that oversee high school sports have announced limited seating and mask requirements at State Wrestling, Basketball and Bowling events as previously planned. The Boys’ Swimming meet will have no fans.

The groups are also urging schools to require face masks and social distancing for fans as a safety measure.

Governor Reynolds ended those restrictions last Sunday.

However the groups, the Iowa High School Athletics Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletics Union, quoted Section 22 of the governor's latest proclamation as guidance to continue COVID-19 protocols:

“I strongly encourage that a gathering organizer or host take reasonable measures under the circumstances of each gathering to ensure the health of participants and members of the public, including social distancing practices, increased hygiene practices, and other public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 consistent with guidance issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health.”

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