Constitutional Amendment on Abortion Moving Quickly in Iowa Legislature

IOWA - An abortion bill continues to move forward in the Iowa legislature.

A constitutional amendment saying there's no fundamental right to abortion, or public funding for it has passed the House and is now headed to the Senate floor. It passed in a Senate committee Wednesday.

The amendment is making faster progress this year after it failed in last year's session.

The Senate can now bring it to a vote for full passage in this year's legislature.

If passed, the amendment would move one step closer to a public vote.

Any constitutional amendment must pass in separate two-year General Assemblies. The abortion amendment will be eligible to be consider again in the legislature in 2023. If it passes a second time, it would go to a public vote.

If voter then pass the amendment, it would become part of the constitution.

Proponents of the amendment, including most Republicans, say it's needed to correct an overreach by activist judges who struck down an abortion limit in 2018. Opponents, including most Democrats, say a constitutional amendment will lead to a ban on abortions in Iowa.

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