Opinion: Dems weigh 14th Amendment stop for Trump. Why are they so scared?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer arrives without a mask for some reason, yesterday morning for Day Three of Impeachment 2.0

Today the US Senate might get to a vote to find President Trump guilty or not guilty of the thing he's charged with. He will be found not guilty.

But the Democrats aren't done. They know they are going to lose so now they are weighing another approach to stop Trump from running again. Passing actual legislation to prevent him from ever running for office again by invoking the 14th Amendment.

"We're first going to finish the impeachment trial and then Democrats will get together and discuss where we go next," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said at a Press Conference.. 

Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia has been leading the 14th Amendment effort and Senator Chris Coons from Delaware has called it "intriguing." 

"What Senator Kaine is talking about is a censure resolution that would also specifically include the elements of the 14th Amendment that lead to disqualification from future office," Coons said in January. "That's intriguing to me and something I'm willing to look at the bottom line here is we have to deliver accountability for the events of January 6."

You can read more about it HERE

Now I need you to remove your political bias if you can and answer a simple question. Are Democrats so scared that Trump will run again that they will do anything to stop him?

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