Taillight burned out? You may catch a break in this eastern Iowa city

(DeWitt, IA) -- If a driver is stopped because of a burned-out bulb on their car, they may be surprised at what happens next, in one city in eastern Iowa.

DeWitt has become the first Iowa police department to join the "Light's On' Program, where officers have the option of handing the driver a voucher for a repair, instead of a ticket or a warning about the burned-out bulb.

The national non-profit began in Minnesota s a way to build better ties between police and residents and out of concern that a minor car repair can escalate into multiple tickets, police confrontations, and even vehicle impoundment.

The organization says something as simple as a broken taillight or turn signal can spark difficult choices for low income drivers. The Lights On! program strives to improve police-community relationships.

De itt Police Chief David Porter says the goal is simple; "... to help our community and reduce crime. The “Lights On” program will help us do that, by building community trust and partnerships in a new and innovative way.”

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