Governor Reynolds Suspends Laws in Order to Speed Delivery of Natural Gas

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa is trying to help relieve the shortage of natural gas being reported during the current cold snap.

Governor Kim Reynolds has signed an order suspending regulations for crews and drivers delivering natural gas, propane and diesel.

The order also suspends laws on trucks with overweight loads of fuel.

The governor's office says high demand and dangerous cold weather across the Midwest are making it difficult to get the fuels.

Some utility companies in Iowa are conducting rolling blackout to deal with the shortage. Humboldt-based Corn Belt Power Cooperative is telling customers there may be intermittent power outages lasting 45 minutes.

MidAmerican Energy is asking its customers to conserve their natural gas use during the extreme cold. Alliant Energy says it is not yet experiencing any natural gas shortage.

MidAmerican's Geoff Greenwood says the country is experiencing unprecedented demand for natural gas, which is leading to supply shortages. .

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