Iowa Wind Turbines Don't Fail in Cold Like Texas Turbines Did

DES MOINES, Iowa - Wind turbines in Iowa are able to handle extreme cold weather, unlike the turbines in Texas that froze during last week's cold snap.

The Iowa turbines have cold weather packages that include heating devices that keep the machinery warm.

MidAmerican Energy is the largest supplier of wind energy in Iowa with 3,300 turbines across the state.

Spokesperson Geoff Greenwood says MidAmerican has special technicians who makes sure the turbines are ready for cold weather.

"It's a little bit similar to what you would do as you approach winter with your car," said Greenwood. "You want to make sure that the anti-freeze is in there, and the battery works, and that the oil lube and filter is taken care of."

Greenwood says the company's Iowa turbines are able to run at temperatures up to 20 below zero.

Wind turbines in Texas may have had additional complications to deal with during the recent cold snap. They may have been exposed to wetter precipitation leading to an ice buildup on turbine blades, which could lead to a system failure.

Iowa is a leader in wind energy, deriving the largest share of its energy from turbines.

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