Sunday Snowfall Should Melt Away with This Week's Warmup

National Weather Service Local Snowfall Totals

IOWA -- Most of the state had at least some snowfall over the weekend.

Local snowfall total reports to the National Weather Service show about two inches fell in Des Moines.

Ames had more snowfall with closer to five inches reported there.

The heaviest snow fell in Northwest Iowa, about seven inches fell in Sioux City.

Eastern Iowa had the lightest amounts. More than eight inches was reported near Decorah.

Cedar Rapids had about two inches, about a half-inch fell in Davenport, and even less fell on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities.

It's been the fifth snowiest winter on record in Iowa this season.

The National Weather Service in Des Moines says we're in for a major warmup that will melt away any new snowfall.

They say it could be 40 degrees Tuesday.

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