Elections Bill passes Iowa Senate, heads to Iowa House

The Iowa Senate has passed a bill that would limit early voting in Iowa.

With a 30-18 party-line vote, the bill heads to the Iowa House for debate on Wednesday.

This bill would reduce the mail-in and early voting period from 28 to 19 days, limits requests for absentee ballots to 70 days before an election, and prevents county auditors from sending absentee ballot request forms unless they are requested.

Senate Republicans say this bill is about ensuring security and integrity of Iowa's elections.

"Integrity and Security of Iowa's elections are key to our representative democracy," said Senator Roby Smith (R-Scott). "We continue to further that goal, and ensure that it's easy to vote, but hard to cheat."

Senate Democrats disagree, saying this bill is being rushed while taking away the voice of some of the state's electorate.

"Why aren't we taking the time to forge a bi-partisan compromise show the people of this state that Democrats and Republicans can agree when it comes to election security?" asked Senator Minority Leader Zach Wahls (D-Johnson). "Together we can ensure that every eligible Iowan has the freedom to vote. That's not what this bill will do."

An amendment added to the bill would also close polls in the state at 8 P.M instead of 9 P.M.

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