Sick geese found in eastern Iowa recovering

(Des Moines, IA) -- Fifty sick Canada geese, recently rescued from the Iowa River near Coralville have been getting a lot of TLC and a much better diet lately. The birds were brought to Iowa Bird Rehabilitation in Des Moines and volunteers have been helping the geese recover after they ate vitamin-deficient shad fish in the Iowa River.

Jenni Boonjakualkul of Iowa Bird Rehabilitation says volunteers have been caring for the geese for about a week, and while one died, the others have made a near-full recovery and will likely be released soon.

She says they've switched their diet to one that's healthier and more varied, including a special water-fowl diet, cracked corn, and greens including kale and spinach.

She says a large number of geese were found dead or dying last week, and showing neurological symptoms, some were having seizures. Volunteers captured the geese and they were taken to rehabilitation facilities. Boonjakualkul says space was limited, some are able to remain in a fully-enclosed, outdoor space, but others (about 20) had too roost in bins and cages in her basement. She says the honking wasn't too bad.

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