Iowa Lawmakers Consider Banning Ticket Issuing Speed Cameras

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa legislature is planning to debate next week over the existence of robo-cop, ticket issuing speed cameras in the state.

The bill would require state and local jurisdictions to get rid of almost all cameras by July 1st.

It has advanced out of a Senate Subcommittee and will be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

Republican Iowa Senator Brad Zaun of Urbandale says the cameras are financially unnecessary, especially in more rural areas.

"So a family member, a friend that's driving your car, the ticket will always go to who the owner is. You're innocent until proven guilty, and these really are just a cash cow for these communities."

He acknowledges there are some in public safety who disagree, citing improved safety efforts in Iowa.

"It does pain me to know I'm on the other side of our good chief of police here in Des Moines, Chief Wingert. But this is about, to me, about being [able] to face your accuser and you're innocent until proven guilty, and I'm not promoting that people speed."

Zaun was interviewed by Jeff Angelo on Newsradio 1040 WHO.

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