Marion Independent School District Reconsidering New Mascot Name

(Marion, IA) -- The Marion Independent School District is reconsidering it's new mascot name.

On February 22nd, the district approved the change from the Indians to the Mavericks. Now, the district says it hopes to choose another mascot name because of the origins of the term 'maverick'.

" has been brought to the attention of the district that the origin of the term 'Maverick' is from Samuel A. Maverick, an early 1800s Texas rancher and slave owner," says an open letter from MISD. "The name was originally selected as an option due to the definition of an independent thinker, which is directly derived from Samuel Maverick who refused to brand his cattle."

The school district says it will discuss other mascot name options at a meeting on Monday, March 8th.

You can read the full update from MISD by clicking here.

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