Cedar Rapids derecho-tree stump removal could take years

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- Cedar Rapids crews plan to grind up an estimated 25-hundred tree stumps this summer. The Stumps were left behind from last year's derecho which caused extensive tree damage. The tree-stump removal is expected to take years.

Stumps left behind in the right-of-way following the removal of a damaged street tree will be ground down by the City and re-seeded. Preliminary work will begin by April; however, the bulk of this year’s stump grinding will occur later this summer. City Forestry crews will conduct the work in June and July, and will follow the same prioritization route that is used during snow emergencies (main arterials first, followed by collector streets, then residential neighborhoods). Crews estimate grinding down approximately 2,500 stumps this year. Due to the volume of damaged street trees, this will be a multi-year process.

Right-of-way stumps can be removed, at the resident’s expense, by following the same process as replanting by residents in the right-of-way. Complete an application for a permit. Stumps must be ground to 6-8 inches below grade. Trees planted in the same area will need to be moved 3-5 feet to one side or the other to avoid root systems from the tree that was removed. Property owners will need to grind the stump out completely to a depth of approximately 18-24 inches if they plan on re-planting in the exact same location.

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