Has Memorial Day lost it's meaning for most Americans?

Yesterday I was honored to be the speaker at the Memorial Day ceremony in Winterset, Iowa. There were hundreds of Patriots there and it was emotional and wonderful to pause from our 'long weekend', to recognize and understand the sacrifice of so many.

The high school band played, we had Taps, we had a rifle salute and a perfectly observed silence.

It was a truly American experience. I was made an honorary member of Legion Post 184 and I have the hat to prove it!

As I said, I was honored to be asked because of course I never got to put on the uniform.

I did wonder however, how many other communities were experiencing this. On Friday, our Vice President told everyone to "enjoy the long weekend" without any mention of our fallen. She did issue a tweet two days later (was it really her?) after the outrage to mention those who gave everything.

I saw a Poll over the weekend that says a third of Americans are unconvinced that sending Americans to fight in WWII was right!

What do you think? Has Memorial Day lost it's meaning for most Americans?

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