Naked gardening is a thing... and these are the best cities for it!

OK - I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too!

Gardening is tough enough without doing it nekkid, right? But it's a thing! There's even a "World Naked Gardening Day"! You missed it! It was May 7. And there's even a list of the top cities to do it in!

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Miami, Florida
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Portland, Oregon
  6. Anaheim, California
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. Riverside, California
  9. Irvine, California
  10. Santa Ana, California

So I'm looking at some of these. I lived in one of them! I am pleased to report I never saw anyone naked gardening in Orlando. And why would you? There's a LOT of bugs in Orlando. There are places you never want to be bit! And you need to be REAL careful when pruning things I would imagine. Nothing from Iowa or anywhere in the Midwest. I think we're too smart! Has anyone ever done this?

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