Iowa's State Universities Return to Normal This Fall, Tuition Hikes Unknown

IOWA CITY, Iowa - College life is returning back to normal in Iowa.

The Board of Regents says the three state universities will have traditional campus activities this fall, including full football stadiums.

It also says in-person classes will return to pre-pandemic levels, and faculty and staff are coming back to offices this summer.

There'll also be no social distancing, mask or vaccination requirements, although vaccinations are strongly encouraged at the schools.

It's not known whether tuition will be increased at the three universities - University of Iowa, Iowa State and University of Northern Iowa - after the state legislature failed to increase funding this year.

Lawmakers cut funding by $8 million last year, and the three schools announced earlier this year that they'd lost a collective $145 million from the pandemic.

The legislature backed off its plan to freeze tuition this year, so the Regents will consider their options at a meeting this month and decide on any increase in late July.

The Regents say they're trying to balance the cost of quality education versus affordability.

The Board of Regents held its first in-person meeting on a campus since its November 2019 this week at the Northern Iowa campus. It met virtually through video conferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic from March 2020 to May 2021.

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