What's on America's bucket list?

Bora Bora Tahiti

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Americans have a bucket list it seems and I'm curious if your must do thing is there. Me? TRAVEL! I LOVE to go to new places.

  • Get healthy or lose weight (41%).
  • Travel to an exotic location (35%)
  • Achieve a wealth goal (like pay off a loan) (29%)
  • See a natural wonder (28%)
  • Own my own home (27%)
  • Change someone’s life for the better (27%)
  • Get married (22%)
  • Having children (17%)
  • Start my own business (15%)
  • Meet a specific celebrity (13%)

Less popular, but still interesting were these:

  • 12% want to do an extreme sport, like diving or bungee jumping
  • 12% want to go to a particular music festival
  • 12% want to write a novel
  • 11% want to complete an act of physical endurance/strength like a marathon
  • 10% want to invent something

If you want to read the entire thing, CLICK THIS YOUGOV LINK

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