What are the weirdest job interview questions? Buzzfeed found out

Businesswoman conducting an interview

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Buzzfeed finds some of the weirdest interview questions job applicants have been asked.

1. "I once was interviewing for a job and the manager said, 'Do you know any gang signs? Show me your best gang sign.' And I just sat there confused and said I didn’t know any. I literally have no idea why he asked me that. I didn’t get the job, LOL."

2. "Interviewing for a registrar position in an ER, the manager asked if I would have an issue not using the bathroom for eight hours. For some reason I said it was fine and worked there for four years, but honestly I should’ve ran after that question."

3. "I was asked if I was a brand, which one would I be, and why? It threw me, but I said I’d be The Gap. I’m reliable and can be counted on in even the most stressful of situations. I got the job."

4. "Strangest was asking me what part of a car I would be. I was interviewing to be an assistant pre-K teacher, so going from answering questions about kids to cars threw me off."

5. "Interviewing for a PA position, second interview, just me, a lady from HR, and the manager. The manager (male, 40-ish) asked, 'What do your parents do for a living?'"

"When I told them my mother was a SAHM, and my father worked in banking, the manager scoffed and said, 'Right, daddy makes good money, so this job is just a little hobby to keep you busy until you can cash in.' HR was mortified and apologized when she walked me out. Needless to say, I declined the offer."

6. "I'm a librarian and was asked 'if a library could be run like any business, what would that be?' Um....a library???"

7. "She asked me how I felt about conspiracy theories…then went on and on about lizard people and how they apparently run Hollywood and our government."

8. "I was asked what the funniest thing that ever happened in my life was. I totally blanked. Even if I knew, would I want to say it? I couldn’t come up with anything quick enough."

9. "If you could be any kitchen appliance, what would you be and why?"

10. "I was interviewing for a housekeeping position in a hospital. They asked me, 'If you found a severed foot lying on the floor, what would you do?'"

"I was speechless...I said, 'Well, I would probably glove up and put it in a bio bag.' I got the job...never encountered any severed limbs, sadly."


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