Where Iowa grew, US Census releases more data

(Des Moines, IA) -- The U-S Census is releasing additional data, which will be used to draw U.S. House and Legislative maps across the country and in Iowa. The U-S Census found that Iowa's population has grown since the 2010 census, and the state will keep it's 4 Congressional seats.

Iowa's 2020 population is 3,207,031. The largest county is Polk, with 492,401 residents. Des Moines is the largest city, with 214,133 residents.

By contrast, Adams County has the fewest residents at 3,704. Le Roy in Decatur County has the fewest number of residents with 11.

The original Census timeline was delayed months due to the pandemic. The Iowa Legislature will now use the 2020 Census data in the upcoming redistricting process.

The population counts will also determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding is allocated to communities across the country.

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