Who do you blame for the United States' humiliation in Afghanistan?


A U.S. Chinook military helicopter flies above the US embassy in Kabul yesterday. Several hundred employees of the US embassy in Kabul have been evacuated from Afghanistan, a US defense official said.Photo: AFP

The United States has been totally humiliated as we leave Afghanistan after 20 years and the Taliban take over again.

Thousands of Afghanis are at the airport clinging to the outside of aircraft as they take off. There are disturbing videos of people falling from the sky.

When you consider what we witnessed on 9-11, to see people falling from the sky today really brought me back to where we started from.

As far as I am concerned, the Afghanistan mission was "get Bin Laden and so when Seal Team Six got him in Operation Neptune Spear, the mission was at an end. Somehow we managed to stay for more than another ten years.

So who is to blame for this humiliation?

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