Polk Co hospitals tightening visitor policies amid rising COVID cases

Man holding woman hand in hospital bed. Holding hands in hospital bed

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(Polk County, IA) -- Polk County hospitals are tightening visitor rules, because of rising COVID cases. All metro hospitals are putting visitor restriction policies in place, effective Tuesday, August 31st.

Starting August 31st, one support person per day will be allowed per patient except for the following circumstances:

·If a patient is COVID-19 positive, one support person per day will be allowed. Support person will be required to wear appropriate PPE to protect individual from COVID-19 transmission.

·In Maternity Services (Labor & Delivery), one designated birthing coach/doula is allowed in the patient’s labor & delivery room during active labor to support the care of the mother in addition to one support person.

·If a patient is under the age of 18, they may have two designated support persons at a time in the patient’s room to support the care of the patient.

Visiting hours vary by hospital.

Masks are required at all times in healthcare facilities, including patient rooms.

Designated support persons must be free of any signs of illness and will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. Designated support person should bring a mask to wear upon entering the hospital or clinic. Individuals at high risk for severe disease (e.g., underlying cardiopulmonary disease, poorly controlled diabetes) should not visit.

For more information: www.polkcountyiowa.gov/health.

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