Biden's Afghan chaos: Concerned we're bringing bad actors to the US?


Photo: AFP

In the chaos of leaving Afghanistan created by Joe Biden, pretty much anyone who has been inside the airport, has been able to get onto an American plane.

"Having been in the government for a long time, I've been in operations where the goal was to do something fast, and I guarantee when you do that, something falls through the cracks," the former head of Customs and Border Protection and ICE, Mark Morgan said on Newsmax.

"What I've heard from this administration, including the military personnel...I keep hearing from them again and get is their mission is to put people on planes as fast as they can," Morgan, who is frequently heard on my show added..

"I have not heard one thing that gives me confidence that they're doing the vetting process of it. Right now, what they're doing is saying, 'Hey we're just gonna dump them in America, and then we'll figure out from there.' That's not the right way to do it."

So are you concerned that in the midst of Biden's chaos in Afghanistan, we are actually importing bad actors into the United States?

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