Forget what you feel about Biden, are you shocked we left Americans behind?


Members of the Taliban Badri 313 military unit take a position at the airport in Kabul today, after the United States pulled all its troops out of the country.Photo: AFP

Many people I know are in genuine shock today. It's not that we finally pulled out of Afghanistan. For a lot, it's not even the chaotic and ridiculous way we left the country, its that we left Americans behind.

The Biden Administration is trying to get us to believe what a triumph this all was. And on the 20th anniversary of 9-11 you can trust me when I tell you, the fact that we are out will be center stage of anything Biden has to say.

There is however a sense of anger about all of this. People simply can't believe we left Americans at the mercy of these terrorists or that we have a Secretary of State who said with a straight face yesterday that America will lead diplomatically.

Our allies are shocked and our enemies are laughing at us.

No question the Administration will want to move on quickly. They have an ally in Nancy Pelosi, but I think there are many Democrats who are equally stunned by what has unfolded here.

How about you? Are you shocked we left Americans behind?

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