Alliant Energy Crews Continue Working in Louisiana

Electric Utility Lineman Cuts Jumper Wire Connection

Photo: Getty Images

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- Alliant Energy crews have helped restore power to more than 600-thousand workers in Louisiana following Hurricane Ida.

Tyler McClellan, an Alliant Energy lineman tells KCRG, “It’s really nice to help someone else. I know, last year in the derecho, we had companies and linemen from all over the country helping us, so it feels really good to kind of repay that.”

Crew members have been working 16-hour days cleaning up debris and restoring power lines for more than 1 million people who lost power during the storm.

Crews are expected to stay in Louisiana for another week, but it could be longer.

They say the closer to the coastline they get, the worse damage there is.

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