Recent transfusions deplete central Iowa blood supplies

Nurse help patient to stop bleeding while donating blood.

Photo: Getty Images

(Des Moines, IA) -- Several large blood transfusions in Des Moines hospitals have depleted blood supplies, prompting LifeServe Blood Center to put out an urgent call for blood and platelet donations.

LifeServe Spokesperson Danielle West says they have just a one-day supply of blood, and typically have a three-to-four day supply on hand.

West says some of the transfusions require up to 50 units of blood. She says one blood drive collects an average of 25-to-30 units of blood.

“It’s hard to predict when a massive transfusion situation will occur which is why a consistent supply of blood is crucial. Having multiple massive transfusions in one week has been brutal on the community blood supply. We just haven’t been able to replenish what has been needed as quickly as we would like.”

West says in addition to massive transfusions, the resurgence of COVID in our area has impacted the mobile blood collection calendar in an extreme way. “Fewer blood drives and low blood donor turnout in addition to the other struggles we’re currently facing has plummeted our blood supply levels,” West said.

Appointments for blood donation are required. Interested individuals can find convenient locations to schedule an appointment to give, either at a mobile blood drive near them or one of several LifeServe Blood Center locations. Appointments can be made online at or by calling 800.287.4903.

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