What should happen to Iowa Professor who is ignoring ban on teaching CRT?

Petra Lange - Facebook

An Iowa professor has been boasting about how she has figured a way around the State ban on the teaching of divisive subjects including critical race theory (CRT).

Her name is Petra Lange and she describes herself as "a secondary educator at a predominantly white high school in a suburban district" and she is also an adjunct professor at Simpson College in Indianola. Now she has gone public and explained how she gets around the HF-802 law, according to The Daily Mail.

She teaches something called "Gender And Race Culture", and says to her students "I need to just let you know there are now concepts that are illegal for me to teach you about, according to the state of Iowa." This was in an online forum called "UnBan Anti-Racism Education In Iowa".

"My courses are inquiry-based which means I do my best to put students' questions at the center of the curriculum and then work to answer those questions," Lange continued, adding that she's "had to work around HF-802 in really interesting ways."

HF-802 passed both the Iowa House and Senate and was signed by Governor Kim Reynolds. It became law on July 1. "This is indoctrination, not education," the Governor said referring to CRT.

I do know that some legislators are not happy that we have a teacher blatantly ignoring the law. What do you think should happen to her?

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