The Food Bank of Iowa, helping Iowans eat since 1982

Community food bank volunteers working during COVID-19 crisis

Photo: Getty Images

(Des Moines, IA) -- According to the Food Bank of Iowa, 10% of Iowans struggle to put food on the table and 1 of 8 children do not have access to food when they come home from school.

Michelle Book with the Food Bank of Iowa tells WHO 13 that several steps can be taken to help solve this issue.

"If we don't address the problems of affordable housing, access to daycare, let alone affordability of daycare, mental health care, and health care in general, if we don't fix those things, we will continue to have people live in poverty," said Book, when describing why some continue to struggle.

Book says the DHS reports the average SNAP beneficiary is a 28-year-old, white female.

When asked how even a small donation can help, Book said, "We can turn 1 dollar donated into 4 meals for your neighbor struggling to make ends meet."

For more information on how to donate to help Iowans eat, go to

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