Knotfest attendees "ripped-off" by festival organizers

Music Festival

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(Indianola, IA) -- About 30,000 people attended Knotfest in Indianola over the weekend, but many were left dissatisfied by Mammoth, the production company organizing the festival.

Jim Byers, Knotfest attendee, shared his festival experiences with WHO13.

"The concert itself was spectacular. The bands were great. Even the ones I didn’t care to see put on a great show. The sound was great, screens were great, all that was fine. Everything else was terrible,” said Byers. He said there were too few water stations for the massive mosh pit of a festival among other problems.

Many others expressed opinions similar to Byers on social media. Long lines and a lack of security of festival-goers were common complaints.

“To walk from the start of that line at the back all the way to the front and back up to other end took me a minute and 44 seconds. That’s a really, really long line. Far too long of a line for people who have been standing out in the sun potentially in mosh pits all day," said Byers.

If you want a refund from Mammoth, the organization recommends reaching out to the ticketing company where you purchased tickets.

For some like Byers, their trust in Mammoth won't be easily regained. "I won't go to any event Mammoth puts on anywhere again, ever. Even if they refund us money."

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