Iowa's Most Popular Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy 3

Photo: Getty Images

(Undated) -- Ever wonder what Iowans' favorite Halloween candy is? has the answer, M&M's! Every fall the candy website takes a look at each state's most popular Halloween candy, with Reese's peanut butter cups taking the top spot nationally. Rounding out the top three in Iowa, Reese's cups and candy corn.

In other Midwest States:

Illinois: 1st: Sour Patch Kids 2nd: Kit Kats 3rd: Starburst

Wisconsin: Butterfinger, Starburst, Hot Tamales

Minnesota: Tootsie Pops, Skittles, Hot Tamales

Nebraska: Sour Patch Kids, Saltwater taffy, Twix

Missouri: Milkyway, Almond Joy, Hot Tamales

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