A tough time for allergy sufferers...

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- This is an especially tough time of year for those suffering with seasonal allergies...

"Not only do you have ragweed, which is increasing pollen count--but also the beginning of harvest. With that, you're also kicking up a bunch of mold and aerosolizing that as well," says Doctor Jennifer Petts with the Iowa Clinic in West Des Moines.

She says while there are a number of over-the-counter remedies for those with allergies, those who are really suffering should probably make an appointment.

Petts also says research shows allergy seasons are getting longer.

"Every year the seasons are elongating which has led to a increase in pollen and mold counts. So, every year, for 25 years, is worse than the one prior," she says.

Petts says we are probably weeks away from a weather change that will bring real relief for those suffering with seasonal allergies.

"The first hard freeze will certainly cut down the ragweed pollen, and for those who have mold it will be the first snowfall," she says.

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