New I-74 Bridge will have elevators

Photo: City of Bettendorf

(Bettendorf, IA) -- Plans for elevators on the Bettendorf side of the I-74 bridge are moving forward. The pedestrian elevator is part of the estimated $1.2 billion I-74 Mississippi River Bridge reconstruction project.

The elevator offers quick, convenient access to the trail which joins the Leach park trail on the Bettendorf riverfront to downtown Moline. The trail crosses the new interstate bridge, as one of the nation's only trails on an interstate highway.

The elevator idea was at risk because of Buy America Act that requires American-made products for federal projects. The Federal Highway Administration is approving a waiver that will allow some of the needed parts to be foreign-made.

The elevators for bicyclists and pedestrians should be ready to open in 2023.

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