Omaha Teens Attempt a Hit and Run

Policemen in car chase, one putting light on roof of car

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- Four Omaha teens attempt a hit and run after stealing a vehicle.

Around eight in the morning on Thursday a Landrover could be seen speeding until the driver lost control and crashed into two parked cars, smashing a fence.

“Things like this have happened in the past. You know, people come down and hit a parked car and go through the fence. Just yesterday, I was thinking It’s been a while since anyone has crashed through the fence,” John Arkwright told WOWT 6.

The teens all made an attempt to run away, but only one managed to take off. Police say all four occupants were under sixteen.

The driver could be charged with felony theft and leaving the scene of a hit and run.

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