Omaha Trucking Schools Working to End Driver Shortage

Truck on Highway

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(Omaha, NE) -- Trucking schools in the Omaha metro are increasing class sizes to help end the driver shortage.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local educators say ending the driver shortage is more critical than ever.

“Through COVID, I think it expanded that need. A lot of drivers answered the call through COVID keeping the nation’s goods and supplies moving and we really appreciate that but coming out of COVID the demand is there, bigger than ever,” said Johnson.

Rich Johnson, the VP of School Network at Werner Enterprises, tells 6 News the lack of drivers affects both local deliveries and long hauls in Omaha.

Class sizes are being increased at Metro Community College to help train more drivers.

“I think last year we did about 260 students and we are looking forward this year to about 270 to 280 range and the reason we didn’t have a bigger jump is that we need more road trainers ourselves. We are just like every other business, we need help as well,” said Rob Wasilewski.

Rob Wasilewski, an CDL Instructor with the college, tells 6 News their college is looking to hire more road trainers to further increase their class sizes.

Over 60,000 jobs for truck drivers are available nationwide.

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