Iowa DOT Installing 160+ New Wrong-Way Signs

Do Not Enter and Wrong Way Signs

Photo: Getty Images

(Ames, IA) -- The Iowa Department of Transportation is spending about $1 million on new wrong-way signs across the state.

The 160+ new signs are larger and are being placed at locations where they'll be more likely to catch the attention of drivers. The goal is the reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries.

The DOT says they might not help someone who's been drinking.

"Most of those are drivers that are beyond the ability of the DOT to control," says Willy Sorenson, Iowa DOT Traffic and Safety Engineer. "But that doesn't mean we should stop. [That] doesn't mean we shouldn't try."

They say they expect the project to wrap by the spring. Data shows 90% of wrong-way drivers will turn around if they see the signs.

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