Cedar Rapids and Linn County November 2, 2021 ELECTION RESULTS

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- There are four candidates running for the Office of Mayor of Cedar Rapids. Many other City and School Board races across the county are competitive.

A ballot question will allow Linn County voters decide whether to reauthorize gambling games in Linn County. State law requires the measure to be voted on and approved twice with an eight-year separation in order to allow gambling permanently in Linn County. The first gambling ballot measure was approved in 2013. Voters will choose Yes or No to the question on the ballot.

The Linn County Auditor's Office is posting results as they come in on the Linn Co. Elections Twitter account. CLICK HERE

Cedar Rapids is getting a new mayor--it's just not yet clear who. The top two vote getters--Tiffany O'Donnell and Amara Andrews will go to a November 30th run-off. While O'Donnell got the most votes of any candidate in the race, no one cleared the 50-percent-plus-one vote threshold to win the office.

Linn County voters approved extended a referendum that allows casino gambling. It doesn't guarantee a casino is coming to the county, but allows the Cedar Rapids Development Group and other organizers to put together a plan to submit to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission in the future.

The state commission rejected proposals for a casino in Linn County in 2014 and 2017.

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